About the artist


I began my formal training as a visual artist in Puerto Rico. My first exhibition, En Accion (2004), featured a series of paintings capturing the movement and enthusiasm of children playing soccer.  

The Latin influence on my  training and in my style of painting is still key today. It can be seen  in the often dramatic use of color, light, and the sense of movement.

I work  in contemporary realism and express my art in the human form, equine, ballet, city scapes and recently children’s books. However, and you may have noticed by the above list, I don't feel limited to any subject.

I have  had the luck of painting and sculpting on three “continents”, though technically one was an island, Ireland. I grew up in California and have lived in Southern Indiana, Puerto Rico, Ireland and most recently Louisville.

My  wife, Shannon and I are strong advocates of animal rescue and volunteer with The Arrow Fund. Currently we serve the needs and wants of 3 dogs and 11 cats.



I use many different mediums, such as  acrylics, dip pen ink, watercolor, charcoal and frequently a mix of these.

Working in multiple mediums gives me the ability to express myself and my art in different ways. It helps to keep my work fresh and evolving.



Being creative is a part of my being and it infuses my life. It is expressed in my cooking, art and working with my wife to create spaces in our home.

I have always found discussions of inspiration to be closer to discussions of theology and spiritual guidance. As in there are no clear answers and at least one bottle of wine is required and most likely two….