Geoff Crowe

Art in Motion

Starting with my first show in 2004, the majority of my work has focused around portraying an act in motion.  My first show was children playing soccer, then rugby, today I am focused on ballet, the equine world and our winged friends. 

Artist Statement

For me as an artist,  painting and drawing are about focus and perspective. These can be expressed by what is included or omitted, by colors or tones, and by creating an expectation. What I want to bring to the art of ballet is a different perspective to that which you know so well.

Last year, when I received a box of charcoal that had been crushed, on a whim, or perhaps a push from my muse, I started finger drawing ballet dancers. My goal was to capture the heart of the movement with a selective use of shadow and light. My approach was a minimalist study with a hint towards classical drawing. I call them my Thumbnail Sketches. This new technique has influenced the direction of my paintings, as well.

Art is a journey, where you learn often through errors, mistakes, or blind luck. A teacher once said all artists make mistakes, great artists learn how to repeat the good ones.


In 2000, at the age of forty, I found myself in Puerto Rico with an opportunity to study art. My formal training as a visual artist began at La Liga de Arte and La Escuela de Artes Plasticas.  My first exhibition, En Accion (2004), featured a series of paintings capturing the action and enthusiasm of children playing soccer. The sense of movement captured in my style of painting is still key today in my portrayal of ballet dancers, horse and birds. 

I’ve had the luck of painting and sculpting in three countries; Puerto Rico, Ireland and the United States. Currently my studio is located in Old Louisville and my wife and I live in Crestwood on three acres of forested land.

We are strong advocates of animal rescue and volunteer with The Arrow Fund, among other local organizations. Currently we serve the needs and wants of an overflowing household of cats and dogs, all of whom are rescues.